Thursday, July 12, 2012

Target Part 4

I visited the Target by my mother's house yesterday.  They were fully stocked and had a good selection but I didn't see anything I felt like I wanted/needed.  I'm sad to say I left empty handed.  While I was there I went to check on my 18 cent deal and guess what?!?  They were $2.50 each at that Target.  Wow!  Maybe it was just the Target down the street from my house that had that wonderful 18 cent special.

Next I visited Walmart.  They had an entire isle (really it was a half of an isle) of items geared to teachers.  Each item with 88 cents.  I must say that nothing really jumped out at me.  I only picked up two things.  I picked up one fancy pen and some spiral note pads.  The note pads came in packs of 4.  They have covers with dots, stripes, solid colors, etc.  I think I will make them part of my end of year gift.

Hopefully this will be my last Target related post for the summer.  Hmmm....I haven't been to the Dollar Store lately.  Not working during the summer gives me way too much time to shop!


  1. I went looking for the .18 cent deal and they were $2.50 at my Target too!! So sad!

  2. Sorry about that Miss Kindergarten!