Monday, April 23, 2012

Robot Scramble

I found some super cute plastic robots (left over from Easter) at Walmart for $1.  I am slightly obsessed with word scrambles if you can't tell.  I also picked up a sea creature set and a spring animals set.  I will post these word scrambles as soon as I finish them :)

 Robot Scramble Robot Letters2


  1. How do you play Robot Scramble? The items are too cute...I would love to know what to do with them.
    I even have some little robot items to use.

  2. Hi Terry! Print the sight words, or make your own if you want to work on specific words, and cut out each letter individually. Put the letters for one word inside each robot. Students then open the robot and take out the letters. Finally they unscramble the letters to make a sight word and then record it on the recording sheet. Hope this helps. You can always go back there are more pictures on my other word scramble posts.

    Kristy Helms