Thursday, December 29, 2011

A little help from my blogger friends please :)

I promise I haven't completely abandoned my blog.  I have just been super duper busy!  

For Christmas my family gave me an iPad 2.  I am very excited for myself and my students as I plan on sharing it with them.  Here is where I need some help.  I need to know the must have iPad educational apps.  I want to get everything set before going back to school but I am not sure where to start....OK, I started but there is just so much out there and I don't have time to go through every one of them.

Please comment with your list of must have iPad apps :)


  1. Ooo! I just got an iPad2 as well and hope to learn about apps from your post! Sorry that I don't have anything to share since I have no idea what to do with my iPad either! Do you have wireless at your school or the data plan? I don't have wireless in my classroom, so I need to get the data plan to have 3G. Then I can really use the iPad! Thanks for asking the wonderful bloggers here and I hope you get some answers!

  2. Lakeshore has 3 apps you can dowloAd for free right now. We don't have wireless at school but once an app is downloaded you don't need the Internet.

  3. My students and I love Bugs and Buttons ($2.99 but so worth it). We have many by grasshopperapps (search in iTunes)...I only have the free ones of these, but they like them! Hallmark has some free books with cute characters. Hope this helps!

  4. Thanks Amanda! I will definitely be looking up you suggestions....thanks for sharing!!!!!

  5. pocket phonics is great for letter writing and letter sounds. Just got mine for my class and have been checking out the apps. I have found to download the free ones to to if it is something you want for your classroom.

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  8. Check out these apps
    Candy Count (sorting,counting,least to greatest)
    dtdnumletlite (dot to dot)
    Sound Sorting
    Alphabet tracing (love this)
    Makers Free has amazing sequence activities (cupcakes my favorite)

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  11. We were lucky enough to get one for our classroom. We are supposed to use it for assessments as well as for our kiddos. We have been trying out teacher pal,confer and evernote. I also bought Common Core Look-fors and I am looking forward to using that. For my kids so far they love iWriteWords and little speller. I also downloaded Hungry Fish and Number Magic (my grandkids like them but I haven't used them in school yet). Speaking of just fun grandkids LOVE songify (it drives their mother crazy, I just think it is fun). It takes your sentence that you speak and turns it into a song. I may try this with the kids as we learn about penguins. I think they will have fun. A couple of more programs I found that I like are: leafsnap and SkyView Free (both recommended by my science teacher daughter), google earth, google (so I have access to google docs), dropbox, paint with time, sight words touch (by grasshopper apps they have a bunch), dragon dictation and qwiki (both recommended during a training we took, dragon turns spoken word into print and quiki can help you and students find pictures and info for reports and such...that needs close monitering I think)

    I know that was a disjointed and not particularly well-written post, but I hope it helps. I am loving my new ipad! We are feeling very lucky that our school was able to do this for us.

    Terri Izatt

  12. Thank you Terri! I am checking out all of your suggestions right now. I really appreciate your response.

  13. Below I've listed some apps that I use with my kindergartners...

    *Lakeshore (sound sorting, tic-tac-toe, Letter of the Day)
    *Duck-Duck-Moose (Park Math, Fish School, Word Wagon)

    Most were $1.99 or less, I believe.

  14. Check out She has been posting about ipad apps that she loves for the past two weeks.

  15. You should check out every Friday they publish a list that has free apps for children as well as apps for a reduced rate. I have found many apps that were free that my students enjoy.