Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Did you .....

Today is International Walk to School Day!  You can find out more information here.  Although it is too late for you to join this year you can book mark the page and join in the fun next year.

Our school is hosting a big event today to promote walking to school safely.  We were chosen to represent our county.  What does that mean?  Although other schools might be doing this they won't be doing it on such a scale.  Everyone is meeting at a local park and walking to school.  Our Superintendent, County Executive as well as BOE members, representatives from the fire and police department will be there....not to mention the media!  When we arrive at school we will have an assembly outside where all of the "important people" will make remarks.  I don't mind this however I am dreading the fact that all of the kids will still have their backpacks and lunch boxes with them.  Once we are done we go inside to start our day(enough time to unpack, eat breakfast and have calendar time).  About 30 minutes later there is an assembly for K-2 students about safety.  Then I will have 30 minutes to fit in my reading, writing, guided reading and literacy centers.  Obviously that won't be happening today...well at least not all of it.  I think we will have writing.  Then my students go to specials (40 minutes), lunch and recess (60 minutes).  That leaves me 65 minutes for math and 30 minutes for social studies or science.

Here is to hoping my friends make good choices during both assemblies :)  and that I actually have the opportunity to teach today!

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