Friday, September 23, 2011

Long week....

It seemed like this week was a month long.  We were able to get a lot of work done so it was worth it.  As I have read other blogs this week I realized a lot of people teach 1/2 day Kindergarten.  I have never taught 1/2 day Kindergarten and I can only imagine it is a huge challenge to fit everything into a 1/2 day.  I also enjoyed reading about Halloween activities that are being shared.  I only wish we were able to celebrate Halloween.  We stopped celebrating Halloween at our school 2 years ago.  I really enjoyed celebrating Halloween and weaving the activities into the curriculum.  

Here is what I want to know from you....
  1. Do you teach half or full day Kindergarten?
  2. Does your school celebrate Halloween?


  1. I teach a full day kindergarten. I don't know how teacher's manage to get things done in a 1/2 day program, I struggle to get everything done in a full day. We still can celebrate Halloween. My school has 14 K classes so we divide up into two groups of 7 and have a carnival during school. We usually try to have games that relate to either math or literacy.
    The Wonderful World of Kindergarten

  2. I teach all day kindergarten as well. Our school celebrates Halloween with a school-wide costume parade and festivities allowed back in the classroom. We provide options outside of that for non-celebrators (if we have any).

  3. I teach a half day kindergarten and it sooo hard to get everything done in 3 hours. Just this year we are no longer allowed to have parties except at Christmas and the end of the year. Up until then we had a Halloween party where the kids dressed up in their costumes and then we had a parade around our small town. We're still allowed to incorporate Halloween into activities. Just no more partying.

  4. We used to provide an alternate activity for students who didn't celebrate Halloween. A few years ago almost 25% of the parents were opting their kids out so that is when we had to stop celebrating Halloween. As far as Christmas that too is not allowed. On the positive side we can have a Valentine's Day celebration :)

  5. I currently teach full-day kindergarten. This is my fourth year in full-day. Before that, I taught half-day K for five years. Fitting it all in to half-day is definitely a challenge - there are things you just can't do because you don't have enough time. You have to be pretty selective in your activities.

    As far as Halloween, we have never celebrated it at either school I've taught at. We always have a "Fall Harvest Party" that usually involves candy, but we don't use or do anything Halloween-related in our party. Now, we are allowed to incorporate Halloween-related stories and activities during the day. We just don't have a "Halloween " party, per se. We do not allow the children to wear costumes to school, either. Our community has something Halloween-related just about every night for a week before, so we think they've got it covered - we don't like to add any more craziness to our already sugared-up kids!