Saturday, July 9, 2011

Goal Setting/Data Notebooks

Empowering Kinders! And Other Kids Too! is having a goal setting with early learners linky party and I have decided to join the party!

We have data notebook we use with our students. Each student has their own data notebook that they are assessed once a month. We use a different color highlighter each month to mark the items they know.  For example, yellow for September and blue for October and so on.  I make a pie chart to display the data on in our data center bulletin board using the Graph Club program on our computers. For example, if we are doing counting to 100 I would set up ranges 1-25 (red), 26-50 (yellow), 51-75 (green) and 76-100 (blue). The pie chart does not show student's names, just how many students fall into each range. Above each pie chart I place our goal.  The kids love how we work as a class to try and make the entire circle blue. I set individual goals with each child.

I wish I had some data center pictures with me but I don't.  I do have a copy of "Our Goal" that goes above each of the pie chart on the data center bulletin board as well as my data notebook to share with you.

Our Goal

Data Notebook

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  1. Thank you so much for linking up! I LOVE your data book. We actually had to do data books at our school too and I hated it. I even worked with our mentors but we never came to a happy medium about what would work best and still meet the school's requirements! I am totally going to do this next year.

    I have always been the data crazy teacher... I think I found my twin! =)