Thursday, July 7, 2011

Classes, Classes and More Classes!

The economy is so bad.  My school system hasn't given us our steps or COLAs in several years.  The only way I was going to be able get a raise was to get 9 more credits this summer in order to change salary lanes.  Guess what!?  I did it!  I just finished my third 3 credit class!!!  I am so excited.  I took a phonic class, a reading materials class and finally a real world math class.

I am curious....when was the last time you received a raise?  


  1. Congratulations! I feel your pain! I think it's been about 2 or 3 years since I've had a raise...and now they are talking a pay CUT! It's all so crazy!


    Camp Kindergarten

  2. So I should start first by saying I quit my job about 3 weeks ago... Will explain in a moment.

    We have never been frozen, can move lateral and columns on our pay scale still. And about 100 or 2 cost of living on that scale each year.

    Last year about 2 months into school they found some extra money and gave us a raise... with backpay for the year. Unheard of in today's world I know! Very lucky.

    The down side... it's a horrible district to be in. Unclear expectations. They make you do things to kids that are developmentally inappropriate. "You get a cookie because you got 80% on a really hard 60 question multiple choice test" in kinder every quarter. And no excuses... you're special ed... too bad... you didn't get 80%, you didn't work hard enough!

    So I quit. =) Working on another job. Took a pay cut of course. Just know that those who are making more or getting raises are doing so a hazard control. =)

    When I was in college I was told... you need to think about what kind of school you want to teach at... a school with door that open to a hallway or outside. These days we are just happy to have a door!

    I wish you luck on your upcoming teaching year. I am your newest follower! I love special ed teachers... they have so many ideas.

    Empowering Kinders and Other Kids Too

  3. Welcome Jennifer! I am sorry to hear that you felt you had to quit. I don't have to give multiple choice tests (so developmentally inappropriate)but we do test the kids 3 times a year in reading and 4 times a year in math. At the end of every year I ask the kids to draw and write about what they did during the year. Every year one or two students draw me assessing them with a palm pilot in my hand and write about it. It is so sad. My teammates and I often joke that "developmentally appropriate" is a bad word.

    I wish you luck in your new job.

  4. It's a good move for me! =) That and many other things! We were the stepford teachers... they wanted to walk through all 13 kinders and see us all teaching the same exact lesson at the same exact time. Literally like a comment on a walk through would say... it's 9:23 and your peers are now doing rhyme time! It was crazy!

    Hey... I turned that Goal Setting post into a Linky Party. I loved your idea so much I thought I needed more! There is so many great things we all do, just knowing we do them is the hard part! =) Stop back by and link up!

    Empowering Kinders and Other Kids Too