Saturday, July 16, 2011

Candy Game

First I want to say thank you for all of your suggestions on how to use the candy container.  I found some candy graphics and a tooth graphic.  On the candy graphic I put my school system's Kindergarten sight words.  On the tooth I put the phase "Oh no!".  If a child chooses a piece of candy and can read the word they keep it.  If they choose a tooth they have to put all of their pieces of candy back in the candy container. 

Candy Words

Oh no cards


  1. The candy is SOOOO cute!!!!! I don't know how the tooth cards will work though because my kids would just not pull a tooth shaped card?? I think I would have to put a phrase on one of the pieces of candy like maybe "Sour" or something??? VERY cute idea. I have only seen the popcorn containers! I'll have to check my dollar spot again!!!

  2. I would just cut out my cards to be the same shape so they kids can't tell the difference by "feeling" them! =)