Wednesday, May 18, 2011

K Word Wall Words- Pocket Chart Activity

Here is a simple pocket chart activity.  The students simply build their sight words.  We have 25 words in my county.  Enjoy!

Pocket Chart-K Words


  1. Hi there! I'm just curious if there are any steps that you take to keep this organized? I did this once in the pocket chart and the letters for all of the words got so mixed up that they couldn't seem to get them back together. Do you color code each word or anything like that?

  2. Here is the link to a post I made a little bit ago. I think it should answer your question.

    As far as this particular activity I would divide the words in 1/2, easier words and harder words, and copy each on different color paper or card stock. That way if one child is working on 1 set and another child on the other if they happen to drop all of them on the floor all they have to do is sort them by color and place them back in the bag they came from. Sometimes I go a step further and print/copy them on the same color paper as the bag I am going to use.