Friday, April 29, 2011

Pocket Chart Center

I have always struggled with how to store my pocket chart materials.  Recently I found a solution that works for my Kindergarten friends.  I use nylon pencil bags for separating materials (making words, sorts, etc).  I found my nylon pencil bags at Walmart for 97 cents each.  I have also seen them at the dollar store.  

Of course the nylon pencil bags don't work if you are writing out poems on sentence strips.  I haven't found a good way for storing those yet.  I found this wonderful hanging storage unit at IKEA.  If I remember correctly it cost 6 or 7 dollars.  

It easily holds the nylon pencil bags and any reading sticks the students might like to use.  I picked up silver star reading sticks from the in the party section at Walmart.  

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